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Ceremonies to honor your life: Weddings and Blessings for Individuals, Families, Home & Work

Since humans have lived together in communities, we have created ceremonies to honor and celebrate significant changes in our lives and environment. The seasons of the year, a birth, coming of age, the joining of two lives in marriage, a death - all represent important changes or milestones in our lives. The enactment of ceremonies and rituals serves to prepare us for times of transition, facilitating our passage from one stage of life to the next, and bringing our community together to share in the stories, symbols and meaning of the event.

As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®, I work closely with individuals, couples and families to create unique, meaningful and personalized ceremonies to celebrate and mark important life events of all types.

Individuals and Families

  • Funerals
  • Blessings for Pregnancy & Birth
  • Coming of Age, Adolescence
  • Menopause

For all couples, including:

  • Lesbian and Gay Weddings
  • Commitment Ceremonies
  • Vow Renewals

Other Ceremonies

  • House Blessings
  • Preparing for Surgery
  • Solstices and Equinoxes
  • New Business, Retirement
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