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"Susan crafted a beautiful and meaningful ceremony for our wedding. Her suggestions for rituals were perfect, as was her inclusion of family and friends, and her appreciation of the process enhanced the experience tremendously!"  - TC

"Susan did an amazing job for our wedding. We sat down and had a great chat before the wedding so we could all get to know each other better and we instantly felt comfortable with Susan as our Celebrant. Susan took the time to learn our story and worked in specifics into our vows that made them special to us and funny and interesting for all those in attendance who may not have known those specifics prior to the wedding. She was very professional throughout the whole process and even helped us out the day of by helping us find our proper spots and make sure everything looked correct even though we were both very nervous and forgetful. I would highly recommend Susan for anyone who is looking for a special and fun ceremony!"

- Frank & Heather

"I have been to several solstice rituals and a baby blessing that Susan has conducted as well as a new business blessing ceremony. She has tremendous knowledge of ritual and a wonderful ability to capture and translate sacred meaning. I recommend her for her creativeness in capturing the significance of any transition. She holds the space of ceremony so nicely and is so flexible to work with" - Terri

Susan was the celebrant for my baby 's Blessingway, and she did such an amazing job. She really took the time to understand all my hopes, fears, wishes and dreams for Max's birth and crafted all of it into a meaningful ceremony full of wise words and beautiful symbolism. Following the Blessingway, I felt all of my worries literally melt away, and it paved the way for the quick, natural birth I had been hoping for. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family without hesitation and feel blessed by her participation in my preparation for Max's arrival. Thank you Susan!!! - Marcy

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